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A Valley of Pagodas

The thousand shrines of Bagan spread out over 40 square kilometres on a river valley in the heart of Burma (also known to the world as Myanmar). Along with Angkor in Cambodia, this is one of the most monumental ancient temple cities in Asia. While Angkor Wat is dedicated to the Vedic faith, Bagan's stupas and pagodas were accumulated by a Buddhist kingdom that has its heyday in the 10th and 11th centuries. Every remaining structure here reflects the popular building style in its day.

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Marco Polo was said to have visited Bagan at its peak, when it bustled with pilgrims and thirteen thousand holy sites. After Kublai Khan's Mongol warriors sacked the city in 1287, Bagan became a ghost town. Only two thousand of the nats, payas, and other shrines remain today.

When Unesco wanted to add Bagan to its World Heritage list, they are stumped by the Myanmar military junta's activities. Some repairs on the temples were done with concrete which wrecked havoc on the original brick and mortar. The local authorities also built a watchtower and cleared the jungle to make golf fairways. Unesco continues in its efforts to start protecting Bagan's architecture, its temple murals and stone inscriptions.

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